Using an Access Database to populate a webpage

  [DELETED] 13:11 05 Jun 2006

Hi all!

How you doing? I've not been here a while.

Anyway, Someone has made an access database and I was wondering whether it would be possible to use the contents of the database to populate webpages.

For instance I have a set of 400 web pages, I then need to get the pages to use data from the database to populate various parts of the page.

A page has a number of attributes,

1. a task list
2. a links for material needed in order carry out those tasks
3. version details such as: author, modified, review date etc.

If changes needed to be made, they could be made on the database and webpage would automatically show the revised content (if you refreshed the page for instance).

Is this possible? If so what do i need to know?

I currently use dreamweaver to design/develop the pages. If anything changes I manually implement the changes by going into each page.

  [DELETED] 15:57 14 Jun 2006

Hi Mysticnas

The Access database would have to be stored on the server with your website and not all host servers accept Access databases, so this might be a first thing to check. I know that I was unable to upload my Access database to my free ISP web-space.

It is possible to create web-pages within Access, but I am not sure if that is what you meant. It does at least suggest to me that the possibility exists of you using this database to populate part of your website.

More and more web-pages are database driven, so I am sure that it will be possible to link the web-pages to the database, but I'm not sure how.

Hope this starts to answer your question,

  [DELETED] 23:30 14 Jun 2006

It's probably easier to export the data from Access to the database on the server (eg PostgreSQL or MySQL)

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