Using a 40" LCD TV as Computer Screen (HDMI )

  DevilsBakBone 10:45 15 Apr 2010


I'm a new member but had a question regarding the use of a 40" LCD TV as a computer monitor.

I recently brought a new pc with an i7 Intel processor with all the bells and whistles, and I'm very happy with it.

I have linked the comptuer to my 40" Sony Bravia via HDMI, as i know this meduim carrys both video and audio. However the sound is intermitant, and only seems to work when it wants.

When the sound is working and I open a new application the sound cuts out for 1/2 a second and then kick in again?

I'm curious to see if there is anysetp piece i need to do to make this better?

I'm running Windows 7.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Darren.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 15 Apr 2010

right click on your sound settings in the bottom right,
next to your clock. Click on "Playback Devices" you should have an
option for "SPDIF Interface". (Note: you DO NOT need a seperate audio
cable, the SPDIF Volume control will also operate HDMI functions)

Single left-click on it and underneath next to properties click on "Set
Now close your Youtube, or browser, or music program or anything active
that sends out sound and restart your youtube or whatever and you'll get
sound through your TV.

Start/Control Panel/Hardware and sound/Sound/Manage Audio
Device/Playback Tab, you should see your Hdmi hardware, my TV is called
Digital Output Device (HDMI), if you doesn't see something close to that
name, try contextual menu option (Show disabled Devices) or (Show
Disconnected Devices). You will have the option Enable, Disable, Test, Set as
Default Device, this last option will allow you to use the speakers of your

  DevilsBakBone 10:35 16 Apr 2010

Excellent, i'll give this a go...

The sound was working last night, so i'll check the settings that you have suggested and ensure that the defaults are set to HDMI.

On a second note when the sound is working it cuts out when the computer appears to do some thinking (opening a browser, control panel etc.) is there any reason for this?

Thanks, Darren.

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