using 2 hard ?

  chriscross72 10:29 07 Jul 2005

My 80gb hard drive failed recently (replaced by pc world) i have now reloaded windows xp pro and all of my files and programmes etc back onto the replaced drive.
My question is that i have a 40 gb hard drive in the machine that is not connected to anything at the moment.....can I connect this drive up and use it as an extra storage facility to copy everything i currently have on the larger drive for safe keeping....I did this earlier by having the 80gb drive as a master and the 40gb drive as slave...i turned on the machine and it would not boot up i got an error message asking me to insert a system in a flap i disconnected the smaller drive and the system booted normally.
The larger disc has windows xp pro installed and the smaller disc has windows 2000 pro installed....what do i need to do to make these drives work together ? i'd like it explained in idiot terms please : ))
Thank you ; ))

  conrail 10:35 07 Jul 2005

no problem, just plug it in but 1st make sure the jumpers on both drives are set, the main drive should be set as master with slave present and the other set as slave, look on each drive for the jumper settings, a label will show you the settings, then switch on, go into the bios and ensure that the drive is showing, it should automatically be found, if you don't get the jumpers set it may not show and may effect your main drive.

  chriscross72 10:51 07 Jul 2005

i have tried doing that....i have the jumper on the 80gb drive set to master on the end of the ide cable and the 40gb one set as slave on the centre ide connector when i turn on the system it will not boot up and i get a message sying 'boot from cd error please insert system disc' what am i doing wrong....are both discs trying to boot with different versions of windows ?

  chriscross72 10:55 07 Jul 2005

i looked in the bios and first boot is floppy second is HDD0 third is LS120 (whatever that is )

  TomJerry 11:27 07 Jul 2005

dig it deeper, you need to define which one is HDD0

if you cannot do that you can replace LS120 with HDD1

  woodchip 11:37 07 Jul 2005

Go back into BIOS and get the BIOS to Auto Detect the Drives

  woodchip 11:39 07 Jul 2005

Also check you have the ribbon cable the right way round red wire toward power plug

  lotvic 21:52 08 Jul 2005

link to 'following on from earlier post' (as 2 threads running) click here

  chriscross72 21:56 08 Jul 2005

sorry this is no help guys....i'm a dope when it comes to this sort of thing...i need help not redirecting to my earlier posts !!

  lotvic 22:34 08 Jul 2005

to know the full story, hence I have posted links for their convenience.

Don't Panic :)) we are nice guys !

  dan11 22:41 08 Jul 2005

Perhaps you could let us know the make and model number of both hard drives. Some hard drives have extra jumper settings for slave hard drives present on the same IDE channel.

Another option, to get things going, is to put the 40gig hard drive on the secondary IDE channel. This is the other IDE cable, that usually connects to the cdrom. If you pull it, the IDE connector, out of the cdrom and any other device it is attached to. So you have the two connectors un-attached. Then connect it to the 40gig hard drive.

Start the computer and go into the bios, as woodchip advises and auto detect the hard drives.

See if windows now loads with the 40 gig showing. If it does, you can then re-arrange the devices, so they all will work.

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