USFF or SFF PC Recommendations

  Ger77 22:58 29 Mar 2018


I'm looking to purchase a small form factor PC for a home office. The usage will be mainly internet, email and a small amount of MS Office based tasks. I would like to get a SFF or USFF PC which is Windows based. I would also like a SDD (120GB would be sufficient).

I'm open to both new and refurbished PCs. I would need to be able to obtain a VAT receipt for the item. In terms of price range, I would like to get one for around £250 - is this a reasonable amount to budget?

My plan is to mount the PC on the back of the screen on the VESA mount and use wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce clutter in the office.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


  wee eddie 00:56 30 Mar 2018

What do you have already?

Keyboard, Mouse, Screen, Printer, Scanner, backup Drive, Software

Or will any or all of these have to come out of the £250.00 + VAT, or does the £250 include the VAT?

  Ger77 23:40 31 Mar 2018

At present, I only intend to keep the mouse from the current setup.

The £250 is a rough guide from the pc itself, its drive (would like SDD or M.2 SDD) and OS. This figure does not include VAT. A large drive is not required.
I intend to get a wireless keyboard and at some stage improve the printer too. Printer to include a scanner.

I had no plans for a back up drive as I am not sure it would be necessary.

Software will usually be open source. However in terms of the OS I would expect the PC to have this pre installed.

  wee eddie 01:55 01 Apr 2018

£300.00 is going to be petty basic . So do not expect anything with a swift response time when you have more than one document open

  Ger77 14:30 01 Apr 2018

What if I opt for a standard desktop pc? Would the budget suffice?

What budget would I need for a went level sff pc?

  [DELETED] 18:07 01 Apr 2018

Check out eBay click here for that price. You might get a bargain or you might get a dud.

  rock_face 22:39 04 Apr 2018

Are there any sources other than eBay were I could get a small desktop unit or a SFF/USFF?

What money would I need to outlay for a suitable spec USFF? I could stretch to £400 max - although I'd prefer in or around £300 - £350 for a refurbished unit from a reputable source as I need to factor in a monitor and some other gubbins.

I am running late to get this prior to end of tax year so any help would be appreciated.


  rock_face 22:42 04 Apr 2018

Oops - sent above from a different login that I didn't realise I still had active! I'm the same author as Ger77.

  [DELETED] 23:55 06 Apr 2018

Well I'll be blessed - there are a couple of refurbished Dell small form factor PCs on Amazon. first link - second link , scroll down for the 'Technical Details'. Dimensions are 44 x 44 x 19 cm for packaging. Just be aware that the i5 is single core only but should cope with what you need at 3.20 GHz but don't expect miracles. Added to that is the protection offered the buyer by Amazon. For the price it looks fair.

  wee eddie 13:31 07 Apr 2018

All I can say is that you get a less powerful and slower SFF or USFF PC, with much less storage, at the bottom end of the price spectrum.

For the same price, you can get a standard sized PC that will do everything you want for the next few years and that can be upgraded, again and again

  Flat Earther 15:36 07 Apr 2018

"Just be aware that the i5 is single core"

Not sure why you're saying that, are you confused by the processor count, 1 processor, 4 cores.

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