"Users\[name]\AppData\Local" - what is it?

  Maughan1967 15:08 03 Aug 2008


I use Super Flexible File Synchroniser (which is excellent) for backing up my files.

I have recently reinstalled Windows (Vista Home Premium). When I do a backup of my files, the synch software reports that "Access is denied" to certain files, preventing the backup. The files all relate to "Users\[name]\AppData\Local", with the sub folders being "\Microsoft" and "\Temp". Another one is "Users\[name]\ntuser.dat".

This did not happen before I reinstalled.

This does not happen on the backup of my wife's files (who has her own user account) when run from within my account.

Can you please tell me what these files relate to and why there is no access (or no exclusive access) given to them during the backup? Once I know that, I may be able to tweak the settings to ensure a smooth backup.

Thank you!


  brundle 16:42 03 Aug 2008

Vista uses `junctions` in place of actual files/folders in those locations (where they were actual files and folders under Windows 2000/XP), and ntuser.dat is in use the entire time the user for that account is logged in, it's the profile information for the account. You'd probably need to consult the authors of the software for what to do if it refuses to back up the folders those links point to.

  superflexible 17:12 03 Aug 2008


backup software does not need to follow those Vista-specific junctions, as it will see the native Vista folders and back them up. Super Flexible File Synchronizer ignores the Vista junctions, so I don't believe these are the problem.

The files that won't copy are probably all locked files because they are in use. Such files can be copied using the Volume Shadow Copy Service. Super Flexible File Synchronizer normally uses that automatically to copy locked files. You may want to check if you disabled the Volume Shadowing on the "Access & Retries" category when you edit your profile in Advanced Mode.

Volume Shadowing usually does not work over a network, so you need to run the Synchronizer directly on the machine where the data is located that you want to copy.

The difference against version 3 is that the new version of Super Flexible File Synchronizer will copy hidden files by default. So the old version did not even try to copy these files, unless you placed a checkmark for hidden folders and hidden files on the Filters tab sheet.

Also, you probably don't need to back up some of these files. You could add an exclusion like
TEMP* to avoid any folders with temporary files.

Tobias Giesen

Developer of Super Flexible File Synchronizer
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  brundle 17:21 03 Aug 2008

That's what I call customer support :)

  Maughan1967 17:24 03 Aug 2008

Thank you, Tobias!

I have not tried your solution yet (will do so shortly and report back) but - picking up on Brundle's comment above - that is indeed great customer support!


  Maughan1967 19:18 03 Aug 2008

I had not disabled the Volume Shadowing option in the "Access & Retries" category, so the backup still has the problems I described above.

Correction to my earlier post: I get the same problems when backing up my wife's folders also.

Many (but not all) of the sub-files giving problems relate to Windows Live Mail - is that a particular known problem?



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