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  zemdarin 11:24 10 Oct 2007

Could somebody please tell me why I cant drag and drop my username and password to have access to this forum. It seem illogical that with keyloggers that can tell what people are typing (i.e.) username and password, is the exact reason I always use a password manager and never anywhere else apart from this site do I have to physically type my name and password in. That surely isn't good practice.

  silverous 11:30 10 Oct 2007

Why don't you just set the site to remember you and save yourself the bother?

  rawprawn 11:33 10 Oct 2007

I agree with the cooment by silverous, however I can't really believe that any keylogger would be interested in the user name and password you use to log on to this site. It's hardly top secret!

  silverous 11:44 10 Oct 2007

I also think you'll find that any decent keylogger will intercept keys whether copied+pasted, entered via an on-screen keyboard or some stage they become standard input to a program and can be captured.

  zemdarin 11:55 10 Oct 2007

That isn't the point. Why have to keep typing when it is much easier to just drag and drop. It also doesn't allow copy and paste,this can also be done with my password manager. Copy your email address in and then try copy your password in makes one or the other disappear.

  I am Spartacus 11:58 10 Oct 2007

I just copied and pasted both my email address and password into the boxes and logged in ok?

  silverous 11:59 10 Oct 2007

In the scale of things in life it doesn't seem to be too big a problem to me, if you asked for a list of people's top 10 enhancements to the site I think you'd find it would be number 11.

Surely it is the point anyway because the hole focus of your post was keyloggers and good practice.

If you are suggesting the site be fixed so that you don't have to type in your username and password then good luck with that.

  zemdarin 12:05 10 Oct 2007

It may well be number 20 for all I care but when you have 73 different passwords, none that could be remembered by a normal person, typing it in is just a nuisance. I don't even have to remember my passwords except for this site so you can see how it is annoying.

  silverous 12:07 10 Oct 2007

So you only have one to remember .... easy.

Seriously though, as per my suggestion above which I don't think you answered - just tell the site to remember it and problem solved? I can't recall the last time I had to log in.

  zemdarin 12:17 10 Oct 2007

Thank you silverous I suppose you also didn't just type your name and password in notepad, to see if you could copy and paste to have access to this forum by the way did you? I can't see when logging in where it asks you to be remembered. I don't always come here for advise so don't see the need to be logged in all the time. Surely a new day would mean logging in again anyway wouldn't it?

  pj123 12:17 10 Oct 2007

You only have to enter your username and password on the PCA Forum if you physically Log Out every time.

I never log out, just click on Home, back to IE6.

Next time I click on Favourites, PCA Forum I am automatically logged in.

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