User Profile Service failed the login. User Profile cannot be loaded

  tallboy 12:37 13 Nov 2013

My wife just tried to log onto her account on her Dell portable PC (which runs 64-bit Windows 7) and got the message:'The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded.'

I can log on (as administrator) on the same PC OK. How do I fix / re-generated her logon profile so that she can access her files?

All suggestions welcoms, tallboy

  northumbria61 12:49 13 Nov 2013

Have a read here Microsoft Support

  Secret-Squirrel 12:55 13 Nov 2013

Tallboy, I've encountered that problem a couple of times and a System Restore was all it took to fix it. If you're not familiar with it then here's how. Pick a date when the computer was running fine but don't go further back than you need to.

  tallboy 14:58 13 Nov 2013

Many thanks for the quick replies northumbria61 & Secret-Squirrel. First I tried Method 3 on the Microsoft Support Page - using an MS FixIt routine. This didn't work, so I went to method 1 - careful manual modification of the registry. Fortunately this did work, so my wife can now use her PC again.

Thanks again northumbria61 - it would have taken me ages to locate those pages in Microsot's 'den' of information!



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