TRICKY 18:08 22 Apr 2007

I bought a second hand lap top a few years ago. Surprisingly its still in good order. I noticed when I bought it that it still had the previous persons name as the user. I have changed the user log in name to my name. But the system still holds the previous users name. How do I take it off and replace it with my own?

Thank you


  BurrWalnut 18:35 22 Apr 2007

If you mean the Registered Owner, go to Start, Run, type regedit and navigate to :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion and in the right pane, right-click RegisteredOwner and Modify the value. You can also change the Registered Organization.

Create a system restore point before making the change.

If you mean (in addition to yours) you have the previous owner's profile on the PC, just go to Control Panel, Users and delete it.

  TRICKY 18:42 22 Apr 2007

Thanks BurrWalnut will try that later

  Eoghan 06:38 23 Apr 2007

My problem was similar to Tricky's, so I followed the moves recommended by BurrWalnut. This brought about the required change to my Registered Owner name for the computer but I had previously installed MS Office and although I had entered my correct name when making the installation, the previous owner's name - not mine - was shown as the registered owner of my Office program. After changing the computer owner's name to mine,I uninstalled Office and then reinstalled it, again giving my own name. Imagine my surprise when the other name again appeared as owner of my Office program. Can BurrWalnut or can anyone tell me how to correct this? Many thanks!


  BurrWalnut 07:46 23 Apr 2007
  Eoghan 17:50 23 Apr 2007

That did the trick. You have been of immense help to me - the previous owner didn't even use his own name but used a most suggestive word instead and it was embarrasing to have anyone view my monitor at log-on time.

Thank you very much, BurrWalnut.


  EARLR 18:29 23 Apr 2007

Tick Resolved

  Eoghan 21:02 23 Apr 2007


I'm completely new to this Helproom forum and I am very impressed. My problem has been quickly and completely resolved, so it appears that I should tick Resolved somewhere, but I am unable to find where to place the tick - can you help please?


  dukeboxhero 21:32 23 Apr 2007

eoghan only tricky can tick as resolved as he started the thread

  Eoghan 21:54 23 Apr 2007


Thanks, now i'll know for the future. This is a really great forum.


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