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  User-C36C17DD-CB36-4359-8C1755C210746FBE 20:48 06 Aug 2003

how do i delete the user name from my net.passport on msn messenger account..
i need to delet the user name from my computer how do i do it

  hopeless1 21:03 06 Aug 2003

How do you mean you want to delete the account? Is it so that other people who use your computer cant use it?
If it is, when you open msn messenger there should be an option to change the account before you log on. You can set it to not remember your password here if you like. If its set to logon automatically youll need to log off - not close msn to do this.
Also the .Net passport can be accessed at click here - you could permenently delete your account here, but this wont be just on your computer.

  tunny 21:15 06 Aug 2003

I think I am going to ask the same question. When I open MSN Homepage and click login I have a name in the drop down box that I have been unable to remove. I did spend several hours one night going through the registry and went somewhere like hkey/user/msn/.net....and I'm not even sure I could find it again, but there was the hotmail login name so I just deleted it. Turned out it was still there when I went to MSN to login. It is annoying and would love to know how to get rid of it.

  powerless 21:50 06 Aug 2003

User Accounts > Select your Account > Manage my network passwords > Remove.


  tunny 16:28 07 Aug 2003

thanks Powerless thats solved my problem. Has it helped you cornick as it sounded you like you wanted the same thing. Another fix to put in my note book.

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