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  [DELETED] 18:28 02 Dec 2003

My user account now states that I am a limited user. Must have unknowingly deleted being the Administrator at some stage. I cannot get back to being the Administrator no matter how much I try - How do I do this? All I keep getting is "please contact your administrator or logout and log in as an administrator" When I try to do this all I get on clicking user accounts is limited account with only option of changing password - Please help I`m running out of asprin

  [DELETED] 18:36 02 Dec 2003

Type this into run

control userpasswords2

Add a user into admin


  [DELETED] 19:20 02 Dec 2003

Thanks for the info I did exactly as you stated and the message came back - "I am logged on as DB5GZKOJ\my name and this account is not a member of the Administrators group" Why they say this I just don`t know as I Have been using this Comp for over a year with no trouble - it all started when Welcome failed to appear at boot up

  [DELETED] 19:38 02 Dec 2003

have tried closing down and rebooting?

  [DELETED] 19:59 02 Dec 2003

By default, XP Home has the password blank for the Administrator. This
may be different on OEM versions. Log on to the machine with another
Administrator level account. Click Start, Run and enter CONTROL
USERPASSWORDS2 Put the check mark in Users must enter a username and
password......... (you don't have to leave it). Highlight the
Administrator account and click Reset Password. You don't need to know
the old one to do this.

Because of the security features built into Windows XP, it is virtually
impossible to get back into the system without a valid password.
You have several options to try and get around this problem.

If you have access to another user account with administrator rights, you can
use that account to change the password of the account that is locked out.
You can also use the default Administrator account that is built into Windows

First you need to boot the system into Safe Mode:

1. Restart your system.

2. When you see the initial startup screen, press the ( F8 ) on and off.

3. You should get the Windows startup menu. Use the (Up or Down) arrow keys to
highlight (SafeMode)

4. Press (Enter) on (Safe Mode), then press (Enter) on (Windows XP).

Once you are at the Account Log on Screen, click on the icon
for the user account with administrator rights, or click on the icon
for the administrators account.

Note: For Home the Administrator account isn't normally shown & in Safe Mode you
have to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys twice to show.

When the system has booted to the desktop, use the following steps to change the
accounts password:

1. Click Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools.

2. Click Computer Management.

3. Double click Local Users and Groups, double click the folder Users.

4. Right click on the account name that is locked out, and click on Set

5. You may get a warning message about changing the password, simply click

6. Leave the New Password box blank, also leave the Confirm Password box blank.

7. Click OK, and OK again.

  [DELETED] 22:49 02 Dec 2003

Thanks alot for your most wecomed advice - Ben I did try closing down and rebooting with no luck.Spikey I have high hopes of being the Administrator again after I have followed your most detailed instructions - Thanks again in anticipation of problem solved.

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