user accounts question

  nickyjane 16:55 16 Dec 2003

Hi Guys. I have three user accounts on my home computer running xp home. If I defrag or do a disk clean up on one account does it do the others as well. The other accounts are password protected. The hard drive has not been partitioned

  recap 17:08 16 Dec 2003

To be on the safe side use the Admin account. You can do this while logged in as the user, try the following:

Right-click the program’s file name or shortcut.
Click Advanced, click Run with different credentials, and then click OK. Start the program.
When you receive a prompt, enter an dministrative user ID and password.

If this does not work then always perform this function as the Administrator.

  nickyjane 17:27 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for the reply. I just want to know if defragging or cleaning up one account automatically did the others.

  recap 17:32 16 Dec 2003

This really should be done under the Administrators permissions as a user would generally not have the permission to do this. If they have then I would think defragging would do the whole drive and not just one user account.

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