User Accounts - accessing "old" folders

  Winterjg 14:25 20 Jun 2003

Long and painful story made short...

Using XP Home. Hard drive crashed. Couldn't fix it so it'd boot. Set it as slave, installed XP to another master drive and managed to access the duff drive to copy over most data. However, 2 User Accounts were password protected so "access is denied" to those folders. I know the passwords but cannot boot from that disk. Anybody know how I can "break in" to those folders?

Thanks in advance!

  Lú-tzé 14:28 20 Jun 2003

Are you on fat32 or ntfs? If the former, then get a dos boot disk and a few dos commands will get you there.

There may be another way, but dos has always worked for me.

  Megatyte 14:32 20 Jun 2003

Have you tried setting up a user account on the new system with the same details as the old drive? Don't know if it will work but could be worth a shot.


  Winterjg 14:52 20 Jun 2003

Thanks, people, but alas it's an NTFS filesystem and I've tried setting up new accounts with the same user names and passwords as the old; no joy, I'm afraid.

(Needless to say, my blase attitude to back-ups has changed dramatically now!)

Any more ideas out there?

  Squall 15:01 20 Jun 2003

you should be able to take ownership of any NTFS folders in your system.

Right click the folder, go into the security tab then select advanced, you should be able to change the owner of the folders from there. Once you give ownership of the folders to another account you should be ok

  Winterjg 10:41 22 Jun 2003

Thanks, Squall. Logged on in safe mode (F8) as Administrator and then managed to take ownership of the folders. It worked fine and I've managed to retrieve my data.

Many thanks again!

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