User account problem with Windows XP, home ed.

  Shagclot 16:07 13 Oct 2003

When I have tried to access part of my computer, a window opens telling me I have not got the privalage level to accsess this part of the system, and I have to be a computer administrator.

I find this strage as I am the only and sole user of this machine!!

I have looked in user accounts in control panel, and it says I have only a limited account, and I can get to change it, 'cos, you guessed, I have to be the computer administrator!! I can't even open a new user account.

Hope someone can help...

Thx in advance,

  Oncloud9 16:28 13 Oct 2003

I would suggest going to users in control panel and chaning the level of access however if you cannot gain access through that then perhaps as a last resort you could re-install xp, that way you can create new accounts from the beginning, but do back up files that you need.

  zydec 16:32 13 Oct 2003


I would suggest trying logging of then log on as Administrator with no password.

This should be a standard account set-up.

Failing that talk to who you bought the computer off as they should have the admin information

  Djohn 16:33 13 Oct 2003

From user accounts, you should be able to log on as "Administrator" and make any changes you require. There will not be a password required, unless you have set one yourself. j.

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