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  TN 20:45 27 Jul 2013

My grandson bought a used Zoostorm Notebook and when he was changing the users names to his own he deleted the original user administrator: I have been trying to sort this out but have got myself deeper and deeper in the mire! Anything I try to do I get the message "Do You want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" I am then asked to insert password but there doesn't seem to be a space to type the password into (I have the password from the previous owner). Please can anyone help me and of course my grandson who is so disappointed not to be able to use his 'computer' Many thanks in advance

  Zak 21:05 27 Jul 2013
  Secret-Squirrel 09:53 28 Jul 2013

TN, if you can't get things working properly then you may want to consider returning the notebook back to its factory settings. This will however delete all personal files and all the programs installed by the previous owner. Personally, that's the first thing I'd do with computer that's been pre-owned. If you're interested then there's more info here.

  TN 10:48 28 Jul 2013

Thanks Zac - I tried the 'cmd' suggestion but when right clicking and selecting 'Run as Administrator' I was asked to insert password but again I could not find any designated space to enter the password - seems to be a catch 22 situation!

  Zak 11:55 28 Jul 2013


Try leaving the password field blank - do not enter anything and click OK/continue

  TN 07:57 29 Jul 2013

I found out why there was no space to enter the password when asked for it - the User Account doesn't have administrator privileges and cannot be given that without a password!! I have now reset to factory settings and started again and obviously this has cured it. Thanks to all of you for your help - it is sincerely appreciated.

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