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  iqs 19:13 14 May 2006

Hello,I have forgotten my user account password,does this matter if I'm the only user?.If it matters how to do I find out what it was.Many thanks,Mike

  [DELETED] 19:30 14 May 2006

Reset password for Windows XP by hitting f8 at bootup, select safe mode, at logon, go to the admin account, hit enter, and the password is now reset.

  [DELETED] 19:43 14 May 2006

Just press and hold "Ctrl" and "Alt" and press "Delete" twice while the Welcome Screen is displayed.

Type in "Administrator" as the username, and leave the password field blank

You will not believe now many times I have managed to get into someone's computer this way when they said they can't remember their password.

If you created a password for the built-in administrator account, this wont work!!

  [DELETED] 19:08 18 Sep 2006

This works as I have tried it on my main computer, however it doesn’t work on a secondary PC that I use (this is a stand alone machine not networked in any way). The following is a brief history of the problem being experienced.

(i) Computer used infrequently in last couple of years but worked ok

(ii) At start up recently it switched itself off, then on, then off and continually repeated this cycle (wasn’t there a virus a couple of years ago that caused this?) BT Broadband installed with built in Anti Virus

(iii) Eventually managed to click on the Microsoft ‘Send Error Report’ which subsequently allowed computer to boot up. Computer then worked ok, albeit somewhat slowly

(iv) Following restart, after downloading some Microsoft Auto Updates, the PC now asks for a Password Logon.

(v) Went to click here followed their instructions and it came back that there was 3 user names, all with unknown passwords followed by:-

“There is no password for this account. If there is a password then the password for this user cannot be obtained because the security on the system is too high”

To the best of my knowledge no passwords have been set on this computer. Is it mere coincidence that the problem has arisen immediately after installing Microsoft Updates? Can anyone out there help a technical ignoramus?

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