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  rubygxx 20:03 01 Jul 2014

Hello, i have a friends daughters laptop to be given a clean up and it is impossible to do anything as she put a passowrd on her user account and now i cannot get any antivirus or any other program to run, i cannot create another user account either as it always comes up with user account control password required, problem is, she is 12 yrs old and does not remember her password, is there any easy way round this as it is impossible to do anything, this is windows 7 samsung RV720 laptop, thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:52 01 Jul 2014

Have a read here

  rubygxx 08:02 02 Jul 2014

Thank you , i will give this a go, i put in my laptop name by mistake, hers is acer aspire but still windows 7 so i am assuming it wont make any difference, she has had no updates or anything cannot even access recovery program because of this password she cannot remember , i think if this cd works she will be more careful when putting passwords on, hopefully

  rubygxx 09:00 02 Jul 2014

I downloaded the ophcrack live cd thing, opened isohunt and it went through first part fine but when burning i got a box that said there was an uncorrectable error, lots of numbers and stuff, basically it couldnt finish the operation, i was using a dvd rather than cd as i did not have any cd's would that have made a difference, i did not think it would matter but im no expert

  rubygxx 09:06 02 Jul 2014

sorry, i meant imgburn, not isohunt, my brain is frazzeled

  rdave13 13:05 02 Jul 2014

If you have a Win 7 DVD ( you can download the .iso) then this is worth a try, click here

  Jollyjohn 13:31 02 Jul 2014

I use this click here

Again you will need to burn a cd to boot from or use a USB stick.

Select the option to unlock Administrator account.

Could post a disc to you if you get really stuck.

  rubygxx 15:02 02 Jul 2014

Thanks folks, i could not get a download of the ophcrack twice but still could not get a working copy, went for the next option which was offline NT password and registry editor, this downloaded and burned fine, put it in the laptop and it wont boot from cd, went into bios to choose boot from cd and the blinking bios has a password on it, cannot believe this, it was not the wee lassie that put this password on, i think they got this laptop second hand , i had also got the ubuntu download to try another option if this offline thing did not work, but that wont work if i cant boot from cd, i am stumped , i cannot even access the acer recovery or create another user and make them administrator because of this

  lotvic 15:43 02 Jul 2014

You haven't said what model of Acer Aspire but this is worth a try:

Acer Recovery Instructions:

1) Power on the machine

2) At the ACER BIOS screen, press and hold the 'Alt' key and the 'F10' key simultaneously to start Acer eRecovery.

3) Once eRecovery utility is displayed, click 'Restore to Factory Default Settings'.

4) Click 'OK' to continue

5) The recovery process restore a fully functional factory image of Windows.

6) After eRecovery has completed, press 'OK' to reboot the computer.

  lotvic 15:50 02 Jul 2014

If all else fails, take out the harddrive, hook it up to another computer and explore it's contents, in Computer, Manage, Disk management, mark the Hidden restore partition as 'Active'

take out harddrive and put it back into the Acer Aspire and boot up, it should then boot straight into the recovery menu process for you to click on 'restore to factory' etc.

  Jollyjohn 16:13 02 Jul 2014

Follow Lotvics advice. You should be able to start Acer recovery without a password or booting from cd.

I am off to work now, will check in morning and see how you are getting on.

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