Useless Windows messages.

  highside 13:28 18 Feb 2010

Do you get stupid messages from windows which are totally meaningless and never offer a solution?
This one often occurs when I want to remove a portable hard drive using the 'safely remove hardware icon'
" Windows cant stop your generic volume device because a program is still using it"
There are no running programs, I tried using task manager to make sure, I srill get this message even though the device hasnt been opened all day. ie it is attached too USB but not in use.
Any suggestions please? I hate having to just unplug something with lots of photos on it.

  Graphicool1 14:17 18 Feb 2010

I have an array of USB memory sticks, from 2 to 8GB which I used to use for photo's. Now I use them for everything and anything. I've never used the 'Safely Remove' icon and I've never had any problem with this method.

As for my external 80GB HDD, which I use for back up. It isn't powered through the USB, it is powered diectly from the mains. Which it is plugged into 24/7 but has it's own on/off switch. I only switch it on when I need to back some of my work up, then I switch it off.

  Graphicool1 14:49 18 Feb 2010

Pulling the plug out depends on whether you have 'enabled' or 'disabled' caching to the drive?

Go to the 'Device Manager' and assuming you have the drive plugged in, find it under 'disk drives' and double-click on it. Then click the 'Policies' tab.
If 'Optimize for quick removal' is checked, you can just pull it out, if not then change it.

  highside 14:50 18 Feb 2010

You may have been lucky, first time for everything, I try to use the safe method as another drive I had OK until I unplugged it without bothering - now it doesnt work and windows says it must be reformatted (has lots of photos on it. Never had any bother with USB sticks, the program always says 'Safe to remove now' It is there for protection afterall so why not use it.

  Graphicool1 15:07 18 Feb 2010
  highside 08:14 24 Feb 2011

Thanks for help

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