useless motherboard

  Bazz2000 11:52 05 Aug 2003

Ive just bought a new video card. My problem is when I opened the case there is no slot for it! I have 3 spare PCI slots but none for a video card. There is onboard graphics on the motherboard but I thought there would still be a slot. Do I need to replace the motherboard or can I get a PCI card? Ive got a pentium chip, so if I do need to replace the motherboard any ideas on a decent one? I dont have a clue about motherboards!

  Jester2K II 11:56 05 Aug 2003

You've bought an AGP Card that needs and AGP slot. It looks like your PC is pre-AGP.

Cheapest and easiest to DO would be to buy a PCI version - HOWEVER PCI versions of modern graphics cards are rare... Someone might know where to get one from.

What card did you buy??

  Bazz2000 12:15 05 Aug 2003

I bought A Geforce 3, and your right no AGP slot. The PC is brand new but it was quite cheap. £700 512 DDR, Pentiun Celeron 2.33, 80 Gig hard drive, 15in TFT monitor, Lexmark scanner copier printer all in one job.

  Jester2K II 12:19 05 Aug 2003

And no AGP???

What mobo??

  Bazz2000 12:23 05 Aug 2003

I should of checked but I stupidly assumed it woukld have one

  Jester2K II 12:27 05 Aug 2003

Where did you buy from?

Maybe you can exchange for PCI version?

Online shops seem to do Geforce 3 PCI cards but you'll have to look about and be careful cos you may end up with another AGP one..

  Bazz2000 12:30 05 Aug 2003

MOtherboard is an IM845GL. Thats all it says on the book.

  Bazz2000 12:33 05 Aug 2003

Im gonna build another PC soon mainly as a hobby, so I might get a better motherboard for this one anyway and keep the old motherboard for the new PC. What do you think?

  Jester2K II 12:35 05 Aug 2003

Def comes without an AGP slot.

All you can do is go back to onboard or find a PCI card.

Or close this thread and start a new one asking for help in replacing a mobo.

  Smiler 12:39 05 Aug 2003

from a previos thread compliments rayuk
click here

  Bazz2000 12:41 05 Aug 2003

thanks mate.

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