Useing Sata & Ide cables

  Nat 03 23:34 04 Dec 2008

Ive just built my first comp and I want to know can I use a SATA cable for the Hard Drive and a IDE cable for the Cd,DVd,floppy Drives or does every thing have to be SATA cables.
As Ive turned everything on and the cd drive tray wont even open so as to put the software on.
Motherboard is the P5K Premium WiFi-AP.
Can anyone help Thanks.

  I am Spartacus 23:50 04 Dec 2008

You'll have to go into the BIOS and change SATA Configuration to IDE (Enhanced) if you want to use a PATA DVD.

  Nat 03 23:59 04 Dec 2008

Hi Spartacus,
I cant do anything as when I switch on nothing happens nothing on the moniter,
I thought it was cos I was useing SATA & IDE Cables Ive checked all connections Screen is Blank

  I am Spartacus 00:01 05 Dec 2008

What CPU have you used?

  I am Spartacus 00:03 05 Dec 2008

Plus make sure the RAM is inserted properly in the 2 yellow slots.

Double check the PSU cables to the motherboard as well and don't forget the one that connects to the mobo next to the CPU.

  gartoy 00:06 05 Dec 2008

Hey Nat, if the cd tray doesnt even open then its getting no power or is faulty, check the power connectors are plugged in tightly. Also if this is the only device on the IDE ribbon ensure the jumper is set as master.

Many Pcs have SATA hard disc & IDE cdrom, to install the operating system you need to set the boot order to 1)cd rom, 2) hard disk.

Hope this helps.

  Nat 03 00:07 05 Dec 2008

Intel Pent Dual Core E2200 /2.2Ghz LGA 775 Socket

  gartoy 00:09 05 Dec 2008

Yes like Spatacus says if you have no display or anything check all components & connections are firm & secure, might also be worth reseating the graphics card.

  Nat 03 00:18 05 Dec 2008

Ive just changed the ram to the yellow slots Ive got 2Gb in both yellows now will try out in morning a get back,
Ive got power to the Mobo as there is a green light on when powered up but I have just checked
As for the Cd tray there is a small light on so there is power there.
Last cant set anything Blank screen.??

  I am Spartacus 00:25 05 Dec 2008

Try it with just one stick of RAM.

Make sure (if you have a dual output graphics card) that the cable is connected to the port underneath where the wireless aerial socket is.

Also check the cable is connected to the monitor correctly.

Are all the fans spinning?

It will also fail to start (or will start for a couple of seconds only) if the CPU heat sink isn't correctly fitted or there's no thermal paste. If you're using the Intel heat sink then make sure all the push pins are fully inserted, they should audibly click into place.

I have a couple of these P5K Premiums and rate them highly.

  Nat 03 19:24 05 Dec 2008

Hi Spartacus,
Done everything you said still nothing got on to Overclockers told me to remove onboard Bat and replace it done that nothing do you think mobo is U.S.

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