Useful tip after cleaning the registry

  Andsome 09:22 11 Jun 2005

I have found that after causing any deletions to the registry, such as using Crap Cleaner or RegScrub XP after removing a program, that System Restore WILL NOT USUALLY WORK. The moral is that you should create a restore point after using such programs. I have posted this warning on another forum, and several people have tried this out by using these programs and then trying System restore. In NO WAY would I suggest not using such programs, I find them very useful. Just be aware that System Restore will probably not work unless you create a new restore point.

  Jackcoms 10:39 11 Jun 2005

Interesting point you make.

I regularly use CCleaner and RegSeeker and I've never had a problem with System Restore (famous last words).

I'm using XP SP2.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:41 11 Jun 2005

Same here, never had a problem with system restore using Ccleaner and regseeker. In any case, after using both you should create a new restore point.


  DieSse 11:19 11 Jun 2005

"never had a problem with System Restore"

I think Andsome is trying to say - you cannot do a Restore (ie it won't work), until a new restore point has been created. Not that the utility itself fails to work.

  Sans le Sou 12:12 11 Jun 2005

I think you are right, been using CC and have been waiting a fortnight for system restore to make a SCP, made my own yesterday so I will see if it has reset itself.

  VoG II 12:19 11 Jun 2005

No such problem here.

  Jackcoms 12:39 11 Jun 2005

As a matter of interest, I used CCleaner and RegSeeker this morning and was completely finished with both by 10am.

System Restore created an automatic checkpoint at 11:38.

  Andsome 12:44 11 Jun 2005

It appears to be a matter of luck as to when Windows makes it's own restore points. What I am pointing out is that I have found that such restore points do not work after deleting items from the registry with these programs. Therefore it is wise to immediately create a new restore point yourself.

  CurlyWhirly 12:50 11 Jun 2005

Thanks for the tip.
I myself tried out what you said and the same thing happened to me i.e. system restore didn't work after running cr*p cleaner.
I have always thought that XP's system restore was a hit or miss affair and your post backs up that assumption.

  VoG II 13:01 11 Jun 2005

I ran RegscrubXP earlier as part of my usual weekend housekeeping.

Just for the heck of it I've run System Restore to the System Checkpoint made at about 3 o'clock this morning. It restored perfectly.

  leo49 13:04 11 Jun 2005

I've just run both Ccleaner and RegSeeker and it restored to last night's daily checkpoint.

So where's the problem?

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