Used processor - best place to sell?

  Dalglish2 19:02 09 Apr 2017

Hi, my son is wishing to upgrade his processor and motherboard to one which is overclockable. He's insistent on selling on eBay but I'm wary of this. The kit is processor i7 6700 cost £298 & motherboard gigabyte H170-d3hp cost new £100. Please can you suggest if it's possible to sell this kind of stuff? Many thanks.

  Belatucadrus 20:46 09 Apr 2017

You can sell it, just don't be surprised if it goes for pence.

  [DELETED] 22:06 09 Apr 2017

Obviously your son is a gamer and enough is never enough :(

The specs for the mobo and CPU are impressive. I would just spend on a higher GPU card, personally, if higher rates of frames needed. This overclocking can cause catastrophic failure unless you're into the science of it.

Motherboard specs.

CPU benchmark .

As for selling second hand circuitry that comes without warranty I think Belatucadrus has answered the question.

  Dalglish2 08:41 12 Apr 2017

Thank you both for your valued help here. Yes pence is what I figured. Happy Easter!

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