Used PAC code but no original on new phone.

  1936 17:05 14 Oct 2018

I had a simple doro phone but my middle son in an attempt to drag me into the 21st century gave me his elderly Samsung Galaxy. I don't know how to extract any further information about it. Anyway, I'm sure that I obtained a PAC and implemented it but the phone number from the old doro has not passed itself to the Samsung which holds a different telephone number. I looked at the old doro today and noted that it was flashing and opened the Text messages to find five from my Doctor. Could someone suggest what I need to do to get the problem sorted.

  wee eddie 21:27 14 Oct 2018

I'm no expert but surely you just move the SIM CARD from the old one to the new

  1936 22:53 14 Oct 2018

But I used a giffgaff sim card.

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