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  butthead69 02:28 26 Jun 2008

I've got a 150gb lap top, running windows vista. I've just done a disk clean up and only have 80gb free. Slightly confused, as I have made a point of not storing any games / films on this machine.

Is there anyway I can get a rough idea as to what the used memory is being used for, so as I can decide if it is broken or not?


  Switcher 03:46 26 Jun 2008

I assume that you want to find out what the hard disk storage is being used for rather than memory. If you google Treesize you can down load a trial copy of treesize which will show where the disk space is being used.

  Switcher 03:59 26 Jun 2008

Is it possible that your Hard drive is partitioned.

  [email protected] 07:54 26 Jun 2008

system restore just keeps growing in vista, it's huge click here

  butthead69 10:53 26 Jun 2008

What does a partion do and how does it affect my machine?

  etmh 14:45 26 Jun 2008

A partition is a logical area of the hard drive. As an example, you might have a 160Gb drive that is split into two 80Gb partitions. These will have two different drive letters (eg. C: and D:).

The first thing you should do is look to see if there are any more drives listed in Windows Explorer. Do do this, press Windows+E on the keyboard to explore your computer. You should see all the logical drives (including any DVD drives, etc) listed.

To see the physical size of the drive, you need to locate the "Computer" icon within Windows Explorer. Right click on it and select "Manage". Accept any confirmation messages and choose the "Disk Management" item towards the left of the screen. You should note that the displayed drive capacities will generally be up to 10% smaller than the physical capacity of the drive (this is normal, and is down to how manufacturers describe the size of the drive and the space required for storing information about files etc.).

  woodchip 15:57 26 Jun 2008

If you start altering your Partitions, your Restore CD will not restore the computer to when you bought the Laptop

  kjrider 19:31 26 Jun 2008

Usually the restore partition is only very small.


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