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Used computer i am planning to buy

  Rekan 07:11 26 Mar 2019


I am planning to buy a used gaming computer and dont know much about specs. I found this pc with the following specs for quite the cheap price:

Corsair tx 750 watt Amd fx-8320 (8 cores) 32 gb ddr3 1600 hz low profile - corsair Noctua nh-l12 cooler Msi geforce gtx 1070 aero 8gb Wd blue 250gb sata Windows 10 pro Swice luna x350 mid tower Gigabyte GA990FX-UD3 rev 1.0 - Bios versjon F10e It also has 3 fans Cooler master masterliquid lite 240

  LV426 07:59 28 Mar 2019

When that was new, it was the nuts and probably cost a grand+, now its old and maybe a bargain, gaming pcs are used hard and often overclocked. Its your money and maybe a good deal but old is old and that's why its cheap.

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