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use US and UK versions of Microsoft Money on same computer

  robhawk 15:58 14 May 2012

Does anyone know please if I can install Microsoft Money 2007 (US) and Microsoft Money 2005 (UK) on the same laptop, a PC using Windows 7?

Normally my partner and I use these programs separately on our different computers so there is no danger of conflict. But if I put both programs on one computer for when we travel together, can we share that computer and use our own versions of Money without any problems?

  Simsy 19:48 14 May 2012

I suspect you might be able to, so long as they are installed into different folders. However, I don't know for sure, and will interested to find out what actually happens!



  Ian in Northampton 19:58 14 May 2012

I'm with Simsy. If you're careful about where you install them - i.e. don't accept the default folder for both of them - there's no reason why it wouldn't work. I don't think...

  spuds 20:06 14 May 2012

I cannot really see a problem providing that you take note as to what as already been suggested. Give it a try and see what happens.

  robhawk 10:12 16 May 2012

Thank you to all who replied. I shall take your advice and proceed cautiously!

  robhawk 11:56 22 May 2012

Thank you Woolwell. Do you mean different User Accounts on the computer please?

  robhawk 21:22 17 Aug 2012

thank you to everyone who contributed to this post. In the end I did not risk using both versions of Money on the same computer. Too much data to get muddled up! I wonder if anyone will ever come up with a replacement for Microsoft Money?

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