Use a television as a monitor

  rbj 19:49 29 Dec 2003

I have a spare computer and I have thought to use it for showing DVD's and playing games.
At the moment I have a TV with just two scart connections, and although I can connect through an Svideo/scart lead, the picture is very distorted.
The graphics card is a Matrox Millennium G450 Dual Head.
Does anyone know the best setup to use, even the best type of TV to use,ie. digital, LCD or any with Svideo?.
Or do I need to add or change anything in the computer.

  AL D. 19:57 29 Dec 2003
  rbj 19:24 04 Jan 2004

I wwould like to clarify my last posting.
My problem is to get a clear image of the desktop
onto my tv screen.
I have reduced the resolution as much as I can, and get a double image, ie. two desktops in b/w.
Is it possible to use a tv as a monitor, if so what type of tv. is recomended.

  [email protected] E 19:52 04 Jan 2004

click here

this may be of some use to you

[email protected]

  [email protected] E 19:55 04 Jan 2004

and this

click here

  Peanut001 20:00 04 Jan 2004

yes u can.
I am using a philips pixel plus screen, using svideo and the pixel enhancement setting with 100hz scanning.
I have used a 50hz before and that was awful for text but was still JUST readable.
Some t.vs will not accept a signal from a computer, something about 5 volt output they dont like i read once.

  wee eddie 21:57 04 Jan 2004

See this click here

However you could buy a cheap 14 inch monitor, they're virtually giving away the 2nd hand ones, for the desktop and use the TV for games & DVDs

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