Use of a Solid State Drive As a PC's Hard Disc

  thegreypanther 12:50 01 Nov 2012

A 256 Gb solid State drive (Crucial, m4 SATA 6Gb/s) is being advertised at £139.99 by DABS.COM.

At this sort of price I am very tempted to purchase this for use in my PC.

I would like to clone the operating system and all of the programs that are currently on the C-Drive of my PC onto the solid state drive.

All of the data would remain on my PC's D-Drive.

However, I don't want to take this step if there are ANY problems in using a solid state drive for this purpose.

If there is anybody who has done a similar thing, I would be grateful for advice / hints / tips etc. Any problems, or is it all plain sailing?

  muddypaws 13:30 01 Nov 2012

I can't help, but searching on PCA brought up this page:


pending other replies.

  rdave13 16:25 01 Nov 2012

Personally I wouldn't clone as a fresh install of Windows 7 is better in my humble opinion.

If you need to clone then the drive on your PC should already be in AHCI mode. To do a fresh install you need to change from IDE to AHCI for better performance (if not already in AHCI mode). Click here. If you do decide to clone then you might need to realign the partitions, click here, Paragon also sells a partition alignment software I believe.

To automatically optimize the SSD have a look at SSD Fresh, PCA link.

Google about how to check for trim being enabled in your OS and what to do, also things such as disabling system restore, etc, although SSD Fresh should do it when you select Optimize.

  thegreypanther 16:53 01 Nov 2012

Many thanks, rdave13.

Reading the advice in those words, I think that I had best forget it! At least for the time-being.

I shall soon be requiring additional capacity. Maybe best not to try and be too clever, but simply fit an additional hard disc.

Problem is, I've had hard discs die on me in the past and I was rather hoping that fitting a solid state disc drive would reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

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