Use PC Speakers on Laptop

  Nonagon 20:01 13 Nov 2011

I had a regular desktop PC --an Acer, and it died my speakers connected to it thru' a green jack type plug and a similarly color coded port in the pc. I purchased a new Toshiba laptop which only has USB ports is there a connector I can purchase which will allow me to plug in my speakers & then connect top laptop thru' USB? If s owhat's it called & where might I get it online? Ta.

  mgmcc 20:29 13 Nov 2011

Are you sure there isn't a "headphone" socket in the Laptop to which you can connect the speakers? It won't necessarily have the green colour coding of a PC's sound card, but I've never come across a Laptop that doesn't have a sound output jack. Even my Netbook and Android tablet have a "headphone" socket!

  Nonagon 21:21 13 Nov 2011

yeh got it ta

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