USe of NERO for Photos

  Woody Ham 15:02 24 Jun 2005

I have been trying to use Nero to put holiday photos onto disc for viewing in my DVD player. All seems to be well until I burn and then it seems to go on for ever. (1 hr 55 mins for 90 jpegs).
Any ideas on why it doesn't finish

  jackthelad71 15:16 24 Jun 2005

Woody Ham,
I bought version 6 of NERO and find it is not compatable with Windows XP SP2.

  SEASHANTY 15:27 24 Jun 2005

I only tried Nero6 Reloaded once to try making a photo slideshow of 228 pics (588MB) of .tif images and gave up in frustration. I purchased Roxio Media Creator 7 and used this to make SVCD slideshows of the above. These take around 15 mins to produce. The quality is excellent and odf the many relatives who have copies of this disc none have reported any problems playing them on various makes of DVD player. I'm sure it can be done on Nero but all I could manage was not much bigger than thumbnails.

  pat-212841 17:00 24 Jun 2005

Have you tried Picasa its free and so easy to put photos on disc and to email photos .

  Stuartli 17:17 24 Jun 2005

Well my copies of Nero6 and Reloaded work exactly as previous versions with XP Pro/SP2.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:43 24 Jun 2005

why not have a go with windows movie maker 2 its fine for photo slide shows and so on you can instert fade ins and outs effects and transitions and text aswell add music to, then make DVD or VCD in nero then just burn to DVD or even VCD in nero. if you dont have SP2 on your pc and only SP1 you can download windows movie maker 2 from click here give it a go you may be suprise.

  goffer23 18:01 24 Jun 2005

Unfortunately, Picasa does not support VCD.I have also experienced problems using Nero(v5.5), in that you appear to have to have an MPEG-1 file to start with.Unfortunately I can only create a .wmv file using Photoshop Elements 3 and cannot get its VCD ceation to run on my DVD player in spite of the fact its meant to run them.
Your experience with long bun times also happened to me on my 1st attempt, but it did complete on the 2nd - but as I said, it didn't run (apart from opening the menu only)
If you find a solution, please publish!

  goffer23 18:03 24 Jun 2005

SurfMonkey _#:@}™
Sorry you posted while I was typing - seems worth a go.

  Pooke 18:35 24 Jun 2005

Could be the media you're using. I find it happens when I use certain brands, I recommend trying the infiniti brand. As for Nero, I have Nero 6 reloaded on my XP home sp2 computer and it works great, and the photo slide shows I have burned have turned out well.


  lmhillyard 21:12 02 Jul 2005

It sound to easy but my DVD players all show JPEG format pictures just dragged and dropped into the drive.No extra software required.It takes about 5 seconds to burn each picture (maximum)

  stalion 21:21 02 Jul 2005

Nero has compatability issues with sp2 you have to download the latest update software

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