To use my devices to their potential

  lptpEoin 21:02 12 Sep 2011

If you could start again with a brand spanking new laptop, what would you use it for ? I have just purchased a Lenova G750 and a Asus Eee Transformer (with keypad) . I had a high spec laptop before but I was like someone driving a ferrari for the school run, I never tapped into its potential. This time I would like to find out what these babies can do and put the best apps together for the best computing experience. I am not a gamer, I do like browsing (football, porn, cheap flights, accomadation etc), gadgets, writing and simple basic stuff. I know, a type-writer and a phone book would do for me but I really want to do more.

1- Best features of my devices 2- Top Apps
3- How best to maintain laptop 4- What to combine my devices with, for Jason Bourne type thrills

I know its a big ask, but I want to do this right. I think alot of people would like to do a lot more with what they got and this thread is a start to help everyone.

Cheers in advance for any help you can give me.

  lptpEoin 19:37 20 Sep 2011

I found this today. What is your favourite feature and what is the coolest thing your laptop does ?

  woodchip 22:12 20 Sep 2011

Before you buy a Computer, You ask Why do I want one or what am I going to do with it. You have done it the wrong way round. The limit is your Imagination or use it for a Hobby

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