use of MS DOS with Windows XP

  [DELETED] 16:01 23 Aug 2003

I have just upgraded from Windows 3.11 (which starts from DOS) to Windows XP, and have a few programs running under DOS which I would like to run from my new computer. Will Windows XP run DOS programs, and if not, can I load DOS onto the computer without causing any problems?

  [DELETED] 16:07 23 Aug 2003

Windows XP does not sit on DOS like Win9X. DOS and XP (NT) dont like each other.

  [DELETED] 16:12 23 Aug 2003

However WinXP does have a DOS emulator - look for Command Prompt in the Programs - Acessories menu.

Try them - they may well work.

Do not attempt to simply install DOS on the computer.

If you're fairly confident about these things, here is a site that tells you how to dual-boot into XP and DOS click here

  [DELETED] 16:13 23 Aug 2003

Which is on the link also - NOT to be attempted if you have NTFS file system.

  Forum Editor 16:17 23 Aug 2003

to run older DOS programs by emulation - that is, by running a virtual DOS environment. To be honest, I have yet to hear of anyone having much success with it, but you can certainly try to run your older programmes in compatibility mode within WindowsXP. This enables you to select a mode (Windows 95 for instance) which you wish WindowsXP to emulate, and you can then try to run the program.

Be warned that if you have a NTFS hard drive you will not be able to see any of your data files whilst you're in compatibilty mode.

To read more about this, go to start and click on help. When the help screen opens type: compatibility mode into the search box and click the green arrow

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