Use internet through PC sharing Not through Router

  neko 17:37 17 Sep 2004

Hi all.

Set up...

Win xp Home with dialup connection to internet.

win XP Pro

Pcs connected to each other through wireless PCI cards to Wireless Linksys WRT54G Router. (no internet connection used on router)

How do I share the PC1's internet connection with PC2 through the router? I don't use the router to connect to the Net as I have to wait for broadband for a couple of months yet. The two PCs talk to each other happily. I used to have them bridged but had to remove it for Router installation.
Thanks in advance

  Jeffers22 19:28 17 Sep 2004

You will need to enable internet connection sharing (ICS) on the PC with the dial up modem. Follow the wizard. It should provide an option for you to create a floppy which you can take to the other machine and run on that to enable ICS.

Control Panel | Network Connections. When that window opens click on the Help menu then Help & Support Centre. ICS is under Internet connections in the top left hand box (labelled Network Connections).

  neko 21:18 17 Sep 2004

Thanks for replying.

I will have a play in the morning.( wife is nagging me to get off the PC) and I will post back to say how i got on


  neko 11:59 18 Sep 2004

I used ICS as before but it was still not allowing the connection.

Then a brain wave! or a realisation of how dumb I was being.

The Router and ICS were both dishing out IP addresses, so I disabled the DHCP server on the router. Released and renewed the IP addresses and the ICS took over. I am now happy.

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