use of fire wire to net computers

  oldchief 22:49 22 Apr 2003

I have been told that you can use fire wire under XP to link a lap top to a desktop and make a mini net.

I have not been able to get this to work.

I've also been told that it is not possable to do this.

has it been done? and if so how.

Jon Timmins.

  Paperback Writer 22:55 22 Apr 2003

I've done it (sort of). Just used the wizard to make a "network floppy disk" (or whatever it was called) on the PC and then put the disk into the laptop and it worked.

Although strangely, the PC couldn't see the laptop yet the laptop COULD see the PC - yet I could access the PC's files via the laptop.

  Paperback Writer 22:56 22 Apr 2003

"Network Setup Wizard" is what I used ( Just checked now! )

  John-259217 04:03 23 Apr 2003

I got two way link up between my pc`s but by the time it finally worked I`d disabled my firewalls and my normal ethernet LAN devices. Speed was good but it does seem "fussy" to get up and running. As a fast, simple (cable only) solution its probably worth persevering with, I`d check all the settings for the connection first then try using a ping command from the command prompt on each machine. Do this by checking the IP address of each machine then typing ping where x is the IP of the other machine. If it shows no lost packets from both systems at least you know they both see each other and you can look at file permissions etc.
Good luck.

  John-259217 04:06 23 Apr 2003

By the way both my machines were running XP, I don`t know if it will network "XP to other" as I`ve not tried !

  Jeff Ross 16:45 24 Apr 2003

FireWire networking is supported by Windows XP, for other versions there is UniBrain's FireNet:
click here
Unibrain offer a free evaluation copy (limited to 30 minutes use between bootups):
click here

For a 'Firewire Networking Guide':
click here

Modern Apple Macs can transfer files using FireWire Target Disk Mode (FTDM). After connecting via a FireWire cable, the T key of one Mac is held down during bootup to mount its drive on the other Mac. Files can then be transferred using drag and drop at full FireWire speed (only bettered by Gigabit Ethernet). For an illustration, see 'How to Connect Two Macs using FireWire and Target Disk Mode':
click here

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