Use of F number Keys

  wicked willy 13:20 08 Jul 2003

Please could any kind person tell me what all the F Keys are for and what do they do .Is the a way to print them out to keep for Reference. thans in Advance Bill

  Megatyte 13:28 08 Jul 2003

It depends on the application that you currently have active. The 'F' keys are programmed by the application, so therefore are not constant(apart for F1, which is usually Help).


  Megatyte 13:29 08 Jul 2003

Apart for = apart from.

  Sir Radfordin 13:33 08 Jul 2003

As Megatyte says, the are normally application specific.

F1 is nearly always used to access the Help function of an application.

F2 is used in Excel to edit a cell without having to retype the whole lot.

F11 is used in IE to make the screen Full Size (remove the tool bars)

F5 is used in IE and Windows Explorer windows to refresh the screen.

F keys in Word do a whole range of things from scrolling thourgh bullet point styles to changing the text justifcation.

There isn't a 'guide' you can just print off.

  wicked willy 13:34 08 Jul 2003

Thanks megabyte for your Help,just wondered if it could help on a problem if it came up Bill

  wicked willy 13:37 08 Jul 2003

Sir Radfordin (or should I call you a Knight in shining amour sorry about spelling) for your Help . I have taken down some notes and must say Thanks Bill

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