Use Of External Hard Drive to back up TWO PCs

  Rob6 13:33 01 Oct 2007

I have just ordered an external hard drive to back up my desk top PC and the thought has occured as to if I could also back up my laptop hard drive on the same external drive. I know that in terms of having copies of all files from both this would not be a problem but would it be possible to have TWO fully recoverable hard disk copies? (i.e. with functioning operating systems)

  Batch 13:54 01 Oct 2007

If you use something like Acronis True Image, you can create images of both.

Assuming each PC only has a single drive partition (e.g. C:), you can plug the external HDD in to each in turn and create images files for each (e.g. desktop_image.tib, laptop_image.tib)

  stylehurst 13:56 01 Oct 2007

Why not partition your external HDD into two. Then you can use one partition for your desktop & one for your laptop

  tobyjug472002 13:56 01 Oct 2007

HI Rob6,
I did a operating system back-up to an external drive using windows one care, and cannot either delete the back-up or use it, so personally possibly from my lack of knowledge i would be wary of using an external hard-drive to back up your operating system, ok to back-u individual files or the odd programme or so, but i would be careful if you are thinking of an Operating system back-up.
Hope you may bear thi in mind or ask advice from someone more competent than me.


  Rob6 14:01 01 Oct 2007

Thanks Batch. Each PC does only have one partition. I am buying a Buffalo 310GB drive and it is unclear what softwre it comes with. I guess i need to wait until it arrives later this week.

  Diemmess 14:02 01 Oct 2007

Acronis will make a special backup file of any PC system and store it wherever you choose, in this case on your external HD.

You can store as many such files as you wish or have the space for on the same external HD.
They do not interfere with each other or other files on that disk.

If or when it is necessary to "Restore" one of these backups, then it is important to realise that the "target" drive will be completely overwritten.
But that was the reason for the backup in the first place wasn't it!

  Rob6 14:04 01 Oct 2007

Thanks stylehurst - why did I not think of that sounds so elegant.

  woodchip 14:04 01 Oct 2007

All you need is when you make the Images name one computer as 1 and second as 2 so if you have to restore you know what goes where

  DieSse 14:07 01 Oct 2007

Just to add to what is said above - Acronis can definately do this if you do a drive image. Each image is a single file on the drive, even if there are multiple partitions it still makes a single file of them.

So you can have multiple images from the same computer (at different dates) and from different computers. Don't forget to make the startup CD required to re-install images.

Acronis makes the whole process very simple and straightforward.

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