Use of Evesham Recovery Disk

  Batch 18:06 11 Apr 2007

I'm anticipating having to help my brother out with his Evesham PC (about a year old with XP Home SP2) that won't boot completely (gets as far as the Windows screen with the blue scrolling bar and hangs). This has possibly arisen due to him uninstalling IE7 to overcome a known conflict with Roxio Easy Media Creator V7.

There are a few things I've told him to try first, but it may come down to using the Recovery CD. I've never used one of these as I've always had a pukka Windows CD to reinstall from or an Acronis Image to restore. In preparation for this event, can anyone shed some light on how the recovery CD works so that I'm not completely in the dark? In particular:

1. Does it run automatically (e.g. if one sets the BIOS to boot from CD first).

2. Does it (specifically the Evesham variant) rely on a hidden partition on the HDD?

3. The PC has a single HDD with one partition, will use of the recovery CD obliterate all his data or not?

4. Are drivers likely to be needed from other CDs (I ask this as my Samsung lappie has a recovery CD plus driver CDs)?

Any other general comments from those with experience of recovery CDs also appreciated.

  SteveWH 20:17 11 Apr 2007

Have you tried safe mode and system restore?

I have had four Evesham machines but I have never had to re-install the disk you have is a full copy of the OS so you could re-install over your present installation.

If you can't get to your files I would go for this option and then make sure you back up all you need to. If you run into any problems later you can do a fresh install.

If you choose to do a fresh install you will need the driver disks.

If the machine is only 1 year old give Evesham a ring and check with them.

  Batch 20:44 11 Apr 2007

Thanks for your reply. As I said, "There are a few things I've told him to try first" - i.e. safe mode, system restore etc. but unless he can get the box to boot sucessfully...

The disk he has states very clearly that it is a recovery disk. My understanding of these is that they are explicitly NOT an install disk (e.g. Windows CD) but some sort of dump of an installation that is restored (BTW my Mesh came with both a recovery disk and an OEM OS disk, so I have to assume they are not one and the same).

  beeuuem 21:00 11 Apr 2007

The Evesham disk, although named 'Product Recovery CD', is actually a full installation disk for XP. If you put the disk in a CD drive it comes up with the install window for XP and installs the OS - exactly as the XP disk used for my new PC.

  woodchip 21:08 11 Apr 2007

You could also download this click here Burn to CD and take it with you. You may not have to do a Restore

  Batch 17:01 12 Apr 2007

Thanks guys, just trying to be prepared for the worst!

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