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  chestnutcake 16:26 03 Nov 2011

I am asking for help on behalf of a neighbour. He has a desktop computer which is connected to his router by an ethernet cable which trails along his hall - not an ideal situation. He has just been given a present of a laptop which he wants to use in various rooms as well as continue to use his desktop in its present location. I am wondering if powerline adaptors would be the solution to this. For example TP-Link TL-PA211 Mini Twin Pack. If one of these was plugged into a wall socket near to his router and an ethernet cable was plugged into this and also into a slot in his router and then the other adaptor being plugged into a wall socket near to his desktop and again an ethernet cable connecting this and the tower unit, would this be a satisfactory thing to do?? If this was, would he then be able to pick up wifi for his laptop in other rooms without needing to be plugged in anywhere?? I hope my questions are not stupid, if they are, can anyone tell of an economical way for him not to have the trailing cable and also to get wifi access to his new laptop. Someone has told him to get a new modem/router - he has a Netgear G at present but they said exchange this for a new one - which I find strange but I am not able to say one way or another as to whether this would be the thing to do. Hoping someone can help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 03 Nov 2011

Yes he could have router in Hallway wlan connected to Powerline socket and second socket in office with cable to desktop. wirelss to laptop any where in house.

However why not connect desktop by wireless to router as well a wireless pci card or dongle is much cheaper than a pair of powerline sockets

  chestnutcake 17:27 03 Nov 2011

Fruitbat, as always, such a good help on this Forum. You will not be surprised to receive a follow up question from me. A "wireless PCI card or Dongle" any ideas of make or would it be necessary to ask at a PCShop as to what would be suitable? I take it the wireless card would go in the back of the tower unit so as to dispense with the trailing cable?? Ditto the dongle??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 03 Nov 2011

wireless cards

if you don't want to open the machine then use a dongle

  john bunyan 18:48 03 Nov 2011

Another suggestion is to have a (neater) telephone extension from the original telephone point to the desktop location. Move wireless Modem / router to this location, plug in telephone extension and short ethernet cable to router (other end to desktop). Then use laptop's built in wireless card to connect to router. I have a set up like this with the desktop and modem upstairs with a B&Q telephone 10 metre extension. Better spread of wireless. I find no drop in speed compared with plugging in to telephone test socket and am getting 9.5 Mbps on a "up to 8 Mbps" package from Talk Talk.

  chestnutcake 19:42 03 Nov 2011

Thank you John for taking the trouble to respond. I will pass your advice on to my neighbour.

Fruitbat, you always come up with help, this is so much appreciated.

Thank you.

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