Use cd - rw as extra hard drive

  nagis 15:11 03 Jan 2006

In the past I am sure that you could use a cd-rw in the same way as you would a hard drive. You could drag a file to the disk and it would be automatically written there. Equally, you could simply delete a file if it was not required.
Can you still do this? If so, how? Do I need to format the cd-rw in a particular way?

  nagis 15:13 03 Jan 2006

Perhaps I should have said that I use XP with SP2 and burn disks with Nero 6

  SG Atlantis® 15:26 03 Jan 2006

do you mean RAM disks?

  VoG II 15:34 03 Jan 2006

You should create a Multisession CD for independent files.

  pj123 15:46 03 Jan 2006

To do what you are suggesting you need to use CD-RW disks and format them using Nero InCD.

Not a good idea though as CD-RW disks are not very reliable. I now do not use them at all.

It is generally classed as using a CD as a rather large floppy disk as opposed to a hard disk.

Personally I wouldn't go there anymore.

CDRs are so cheap these days and a bit more stable. Just use them as a multisession disk and when it is full start another one.

  woodchip 15:53 03 Jan 2006

To do the above you use Packet writing software as InCD or Direct CD. You have to first Format a Disc, you can then use as you say in Windows Explorer also add drive to the send to Folder. As above You can only remove from a CDRW you can delete from a CDR but it does not remove the Files only the Index to the file. These discs can only be read by the same software on a computer

  nagis 15:56 03 Jan 2006

Thanks for the information guys.
Looks as if I should think closely about using this method if cd-rws could be a problem

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