Use 2 USB headsets on 1 PC

  jhm 12:15 10 Dec 2008

I maintain 40+ PCs and laptops for a Primary School. Each station has a splitter and uses 2 audio headsets for the kids to listen. After some time, what with kids pulling on the leads and the 3.5mm jacks being pulled in and out, the connection becomes intermittant. I bought 2 usb headsets to try to alleviate this but find that I can only output to 1 headset even though both are recognised. Is there any way to configure this to a double output??

  The Brigadier 12:23 10 Dec 2008

USB Hub to connect both together & then plug into back of PC.

  CLONNEN 13:16 10 Dec 2008

I think what's being said is that the computer won't let 2 usb headsets be enabled at the same time.

It's the same with usb scanners - Windows will not allow 2 scanners enabled in device manager at the same time (only the first one appears in the list of scanners in programs that have scanner input). I had to disable (in Device Manager) my flatbed scanner and unplug from the usb socket in order to use a usb film scanner.

Sorry I don't think it is possible to use 2 usb headsets at the same time (both use the same driver files - Windows would say file already in use - cannot access it a second time when it is being used by something else).

You could try copying the driver files to a different location on your computer and then in Device Manager update driver for the 2nd headset and point it to the 2nd location so it isn't using the same files but don't know if it would work or not.

  CLONNEN 07:39 11 Dec 2008

Actually there do seem to be USB Audio Splitters about. Try this one :

click here

  CLONNEN 07:42 11 Dec 2008

Sorry that one only splits to 3.5mm jacks not usb connections.

  CLONNEN 07:46 11 Dec 2008

This might do it :

click here

But it doesn't actually mention usb headsets

  audeal 10:58 11 Dec 2008

Do they have to be USB Headsets? Surely it would be much easyer to take the sound from the Sound Card. That would be the course I would take. But maybe you have a reason for using USB.

  CLONNEN 13:30 11 Dec 2008

It looks like the schools have been advised to use USB Headsets as my daughter's school also has this problem with only 1 usb headset giving sound. A major problem when she is learning French and only her partner can hear the sound.

Maybe someone should tell the schools to go back to 3.5mm jacks. But I have to admit they do weaken and break within a matter of weeks when kids are yanking them out of the sockets at the end of every lesson.

USB cables pull out easier as far as kids are concerned. They are not known for being careful.

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