USB/blown devices

  qgloscit 19:59 04 Jun 2006


Im having a problem with USBs which im sure is burning out my connected equipment.

I have a self built PC which was built professionally. It has 6 USB ports; the two fronts dont work and to add capacity ive added a USB hub running off the mains at the back to give more slots.

Today Ive bought an Ipod. It was fine when I connected it via the USB; now its totally dead and useless like something has caused it to fuse when I plugged it to the PC. Ill take the Ipod back for a replacement but i have my suspicions that its the PC causing the damage.Reason is 2 years back I had a Sony Cybershot camera and exactly the same thing happenned. I had two replacements and they all seemed to blow too oce connected via a USB

If I get a replacement Ipod i dare not plug it in again. Im sure something is causing a surge in the PC which is damaging the peripiharals. However I have a digital camera, web cam, scanner etc via USBs and these are fine.
Im not the most cleverest bods with PCs but something is definately amiss here. Any info or advice anybody can give would be much appreciated!


  jimv7 20:02 04 Jun 2006

Sounds like the usb connections to the mobo are crossed, which would account for blowing anything plugged into them.

  qgloscit 20:04 04 Jun 2006

thanks, not being too well up on PCs would you know how I can fix it?


  qgloscit 20:04 04 Jun 2006

thanks, not being too well up on PCs would you know how I can fix it?


  SANTOS7 20:07 04 Jun 2006

have a self built PC which was built professionally,
I am miffed by this statement as your next sentence says TWO DON'T work, before you spend any more money i would take it somewhere where you can have the integrity of your USB ports checked...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:08 04 Jun 2006

Header and cables wiring
click here

You should have 5V DC between the red and black cables if these are crossed it may well blow the device

  qgloscit 20:10 04 Jun 2006

thanks for your help everyone, ill get the usbs checked professionally

  SANTOS7 20:12 04 Jun 2006

Hopefully not the same professional that put them in..

  qgloscit 20:18 04 Jun 2006

yeah youre right there!

  SANTOS7 20:21 04 Jun 2006

if you can get an independant survey done of your PC
you may be able to transfer the liabilty for repair to the person who built it for you...

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