USB2.0 Scanner and Laptop

  fitshase 13:48 01 Jul 2004

I am thinking of buying the Canon LiDE 80 scanner which is USB2.0. However, my laptop only has the old USB ports. I know that USB2.0 devices are backward compatible and will run on old USB ports but will I there be much difference in the scanner?

Would it be worth buying a USB2.0 PCMCIA card to use with the scanner?

Any advice is welcome



  vinnyT 15:12 01 Jul 2004

I really don't think that there would be a big difference in speed, I've not noticed much diff. with my printers.

Even if there is a noticeble speed increase, only you can judge if it would be worth the expense of the usb2 pcmcia card. How much scanning do you do?

Hope this helps.

  Quiller. 15:23 01 Jul 2004

A good post from GANDALF <|:-)> about usb 2.0

click here

Although I do use an old laptop hard drive in a usb 2.0 caddy, this works really fast. I use it for data transfers and can copy 700Mb in less than 2 minutes.

  Timmy!! 15:26 01 Jul 2004

Personally I'd go for the USB2.0 PCMCIA card.

Whilst i'm sure the 1.1 is fine for printing, it has been for years after all!! I think a scanner is a while different kettle of fish.

A printer is built to have info being queued up, where as the Lide 80 will want to work at its own speed. Its high res will mean large amounts of data in one quick burst.

I have the Lide 80, and come to think of it i seem to remember it saying in the manual that it wasn't backwardly compatible due to the large amount of data involved.

The ports are definatly backwardly compatible but thats not to say the perpetuals are too...

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