USB2 with USB1

  drho 09:26 18 Nov 2004

I want to buy an external DVD writer with a USB2 connection. Will it work on my machine which only has USB1?

  andrew-196854 09:31 18 Nov 2004

you dont say which one usb 2 is the best one. it should say in the product info if it is usb 1 compatable

  andrew-196854 09:32 18 Nov 2004

sorry what make of dvd writer i mean

  Catastrophe 09:36 18 Nov 2004

Can't you buy a USB2 card and cable then it should work at full speed. If it works at all with USB1.1 it will be at USB1.1 speed.

  drho 09:41 18 Nov 2004

Sorry for confusion! The device I am looking at is a Freecom 8x Classic and the blurb simply says it has a USB2.0 interface. I am not worried about speed as the sole purpose of the purchase would be to have a large capacity for backup purposes

  Catastrophe 09:45 18 Nov 2004

I am not an expert so perhaps someone else can comment. What I meant was 1.1 might be too slow to work at all.

  andrew-196854 09:50 18 Nov 2004

is it the double layer one or single

  andrew-196854 09:53 18 Nov 2004

is it this oneclick here

  drho 10:23 18 Nov 2004

Here is where I really show my ignorance! I don't know whether it is single or double layer -whatever that might mean! I went to the site you suggested, dibblydufuss, but I couldn't see it there. I got the information from the PC World site where the writer is offered for sale at £99.99.

  andrew-196854 10:58 18 Nov 2004

have you thought about a internal one they are cheaper looked on the pc world site for you it does not say also on the freecom site . you could buy a usb 2 card for your pc

  Spanglish 11:40 18 Nov 2004

The recorder should be backwards compatable to USB.1, though I would give a few other shops a try-click here
as there are some very good deals out there on the web!
PS The double layer refered to by dibblydufuss relates to the disc ( i.e a 4.7G DVD doubles tp 9.4G , but it requires a double layer writer. )

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