USB2 to USB 1

  [email protected] 15:28 11 Aug 2003

Does anyone know if I would I be able to plug a "USB 2" digital camera connection straight into my PC's USB 1 port, or would an adaptor be rquired?


  Ben Avery 15:30 11 Aug 2003


USB 2 is USB1.1 backward compatible so it will work fine.

It will however be much slower and if for soime reason the camera needed to transfer at HUGE speeds you may find USB 1.1 impractical.

It will, however, work fine.


  [email protected] 15:34 11 Aug 2003

Thanks, I have a feeling the PC is USB 1.0, would this still be OK?


  sil_ver 15:36 11 Aug 2003

You can plug any USB2 device into USB1 but it will only work at USB1. If you want it to work at USB2 then buy a PCI/USB2 card.

  [email protected] 15:46 11 Aug 2003

Hopefully the camera does not absolutely require USB2 speed connection to function. I can cope with USB 1 slower transfer, as long as it works. I was going to get a Sony DSC-P72.


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