USB2 through hub?

  Pineman100 09:18 26 Oct 2011

Ignorant question:

I have a cheap 4-port USB hub - I think I got it free with something-or-other.

If I plug this hub into a USB2 port on my computer, will all four of the devices that I plug into the hub run at USB2 speeds?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:50 26 Oct 2011


One at a time :0)

remember you are sharing speed (and power if the hub is not powered), if all 4 devices working together then they will run (transfer data) slower.

  Pineman100 10:24 26 Oct 2011

Many thanks, Fruit Bat /\0/.

I have one other supplementary question. I remember noting when I bought the computer that it has two USB ports and two USB2 ports. But having lost the blurb that came with it, I can't remember which is which!

There are no markings on the case by the ports, and so far as I can see Device Manager doesn't show which ports are which. How can I find out which ports are USB and which are USB2?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:22 26 Oct 2011

Make and model?

  Pineman100 11:55 26 Oct 2011

It's an HP Notebook - Pavilion DV3-2000 series. I've had a look at the manual on the HP website and it shows where the 3 (not 4 as I said above!) ports are - 2 on the left together and one on the right built into an e-SATA port. But it doesn't make clear which are USB and which are USB2.

  spuds 12:04 26 Oct 2011

Perhaps off subject slightly, but using hubs I find that some devices will not work (scanners?) unless the hub is a mains-adapter supplied power unit.

  Pineman100 12:14 26 Oct 2011

spuds - I find that all the devices I plug into the adaptor work fine, but they are all independently powered so don't need their power from the USB port.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 26 Oct 2011

service manual shows all 3 as being USB 2

If you plug a usb2 device into a USB1.1 port windows will give a message" this device will preform faster....."

  Pineman100 13:30 26 Oct 2011

Thanks for that FB. The strange thing is that, when I plug devices into my hub, I get the report that you mentioned. This is really what prompted me to ask my question in the first place.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:49 26 Oct 2011

The hub is plugged into a usb1.1 port on the PC try another port on the machine.

Often is rear ports direct off the board that are USB2 and ones on haeders (like front ports) that are USB1.1

  Pineman100 16:46 26 Oct 2011

OK, I'll try that.

Thanks very much for your help with this. Much appreciated.

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