USB2 Pen won't plug and play under XP

  Jeffrey-309114 15:27 14 Aug 2004

When I start my computer with my USB 128Mb pen in position it is recognised and works fine.
When I remove it (correctly) and reinsert it the computer fails to recognise the drive in explorer and my computer. In Device manager however it claims the drivers are loaded ok.

Can anyone please offer me any advise.

Jeff Cottam

  bremner 15:41 14 Aug 2004

Do you have XP updated with at least Service Pack 1?

  ensonricky 16:29 14 Aug 2004

Try this on your removable drive click here

  getdownmonkeyman 16:35 14 Aug 2004

I suffered a similiar basically my USB modem was using all the juice from the USB ports, pulled the plug and hey presto the pen drive works fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 14 Aug 2004

When you say removed it correctly do you mean use the safely remove hardware icon in the system tray?

This basically disables the drivers for the device.

So when you plug back in its not recognised.

A reboot loads the drivers and therefore it is seen again OK.

USB devices are hot pluggable, unplug (ignore message about unsafe removal) plug back in and it will be seen again.

  bremner 17:10 14 Aug 2004

I always unplug my USB Thumb drives via the 'safely remove' icon and have never, on any machine, had to reboot for it to be seen again.

  cga 17:15 14 Aug 2004

I agree that 99% of the time it is fine to just unplug a memory pen without 'safely remove ...'

However, if you do have any sort of file open on the memorystick at the time you could loose data.

Using 'safely remove...' as a matter of course prevents you from making this mistake.

On the other subject of needing a reboot before plugging it in again - this is not so for me. I click 'safely remove..', the drive light goes out, I remove, I reinsert, the drive light comes on again and it is recognised. This is true both in the frontside USB ports and a powered hub. I am not saying it never works the way you mention but it is not always that way.

I have to say, though, that my memory stick is plug an available rather than plug and play - whenever I plug it in. I have tried everything I can think of (including the autofix mentioned above) to get the autoplay to work - no joy.

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