USB2 PCI Card Installation

  Sailorbuoy 23:19 18 Oct 2004

My computer has USB1 on the M/board. I wanted to expand to USB2 speed and installed a PCI 4+1 USB port card and Windows XP installed it. The drivers all looked OK but would not read an external HDD or work a new scanner. By trial and error I disabled all the USB1 original ports, then switched off the Bios support for the M/board USB1 and not until I disabled 'standard Enhanced PCI - USB open host controller' on the device manager, did I get my external gear to work. Now I find this is working at USB1 speeds. (by measurement and by XP advice bubble) I have gone round in circles to find I am back to where I started! How do I get the proper driver/system to recognise the attached equipment and work at the higher speed? (The gear works fine)

  kspatto 23:33 18 Oct 2004

suggest you use the microsoft update site as there are patches for known usb2 problems that sound a lot like yours or would suggest taking a look at the latest drivers for your motherboard at there web site they might also have a faq site that may cover this problem


  Sailorbuoy 19:57 19 Oct 2004

Thankyou kspatto SP2 & XP is fully updated, a lot of the advice given applied pre SP1 troubles with USB2 so I thought SP2 would have corrected it, meanwhile I'll have a look at SIS to what their latest drivers are. I suppose my board is now 21 moths old but believe the design is a margin older.

  TomJerry 20:34 19 Oct 2004

for most usb hubs, mix usb1 with usb 2 make all go usb 1

  TomJerry 20:37 19 Oct 2004

my experience

connect usb data cable first and then switch on power for external HDD. HDD works fine in usb 2. If I do another way around, HDD does not work or in usb 1. Strange, but true.

  Dorsai 20:58 19 Oct 2004

USB is strange.

I think it should stand for Universally Strange Behaviour.

i have a great dislike to unplugging any of my USB devices. If i do, trying to get them all to work in 'mutual peace and harmony' when i plug it back in is a right pain. Turning off is no problem, just the unplugging.

Strains of the 'twilight zone' music running in the background...

It took me ages to get a printer, USb modem, and camera to all work at the same time. But now they do, i am damm well not going to umplug anything, except the camer, that has to be unplugged to be used.

where is Fox Mulder when you need him?

  Sailorbuoy 21:58 19 Oct 2004

Thanks for the ideas TomJerry, all my USB1 ports have been removed, disabled and also switched off in Bios. I will try using just one port and see if that works with my latest setup. ( I suspect I will need "Standard enhanaced PCI USB host controller" which I suspect is the driver causing the problem.) I'll give it a try.

  cdb 22:19 19 Oct 2004

I have a mix of usb1 and usb2, so how can you confirm it's working? Is it a case of download something big and time it?

  jakimo 23:06 19 Oct 2004

does your usb2\pci card have a via chipset,as these are known to be incompatible with some mobos
(the Nec chipset is more reliable)

have a search in Google,for some possible answers

  Sailorbuoy 09:05 21 Oct 2004

cdb, I have now one port that comes up titled USB2 but others not, although they are all on the same board, I believe the word 'Enhanced Host controller' also indicates USB2, but In my case I have to disable it to get anything to work.
jakimo, the chipset is Ali and there is no relavent help on their site that I can find. Have had no response to an email query there yet. Yes have been through Google and Jeeves but most of the problems there were pre SP1, and now I'm using SP2. However I feel that XP is not installing the correct drivers or something is stopping those drivers from working and recognising my equipment.

  PsiFox 09:41 21 Oct 2004

You should also be aware that the pci card usb ports are considered a hub. Some makes of USB2 Scanners do not like to be connected through these and will only work as USB2 if connected directly throughthe mothreboardUSB ports


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