USB2 Hub

  WallyD 20:11 01 Apr 2004

I have read many times that USB2 is backward compatible with USB1 but runs at Usb1 speed.
I have just purchased from Aldi a usb2 scanner which can operate on usb1.OK
However I also purchased a Usb2 (powered ) Hub and the handbook says "Warning this is a Usb2 " an
I haven't the nerve to connect this to my computer which has usb1 ports
Ok I'll ask Medion tomorrow but in the mean time can anyone put me right with this query
Many thanks

  ICF 20:18 01 Apr 2004

As you said usb 2 is backward compatable with usb 1.
Have a look here.
click here

Or do a google search your self just search with "is usb2 backward"

I cannot see that you will have any problem.My parents have a computer with USB1.1 ports,and they have since added a USB2 hub and then put on an HP all-in-one device which can use USB 1.1 or USB2 and it works perfectly ok and has done since last year. The main difference with USB2 against USB1.1 is that USB2 can transfer data alot faster.

  WallyD 20:29 01 Apr 2004

Thank you all

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