usb2 hub

  ajb 10:24 16 Dec 2003

Hi have Belkin USB2 card in my nortebook - purchased a Belkin F5U224 4 port hub - XP Pro is haveing problems with it - in Device Manager it is logged as a Generic USB Hub with an exclamation mark against it and a status of "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" - nothing that I plug into the hub is recognised - - Have updated the driver for the card - Belkin dont answer my emails on there support line - can anyone help please?

  s3mt3x 10:36 16 Dec 2003

It sounds like you need the USB 2 drivers for your motherboard. Without them the USB hub will not be reconized (as far as I know). What MOBO do you have - have you still got the disk?

  Big Elf 12:46 16 Dec 2003

Have you installed SP1? This update provides USB2 support.

  s3mt3x 12:53 16 Dec 2003

Yes - but he will still ned the drivers specific to his board.

  ajb 13:11 16 Dec 2003

Thanks for your interest - Yes SP1 is installed - not too sure re motherboard drivers - Unsing A P2 700 HP Omnibook which has USB1 built in - therefore as in interim measure have a Belkin 2 port notebook card (works fine!)Just that the extra hub doesnt!

  Big Elf 13:45 16 Dec 2003

The USB 2.0 drivers supplied with my motherboard didn't work and I had to format and re-install XP without them. Installing SP1 fixed it.

A google search suggested removing the BIOS battery might help but I don't know how or if you can do that with a laptop.

  Big Elf 14:15 16 Dec 2003

I've had a thought. Is the USB card described as powered. If it isn't then you can't plug in another non-powered hub.

  plankton 14:28 16 Dec 2003

I've had a thought as well!!;o))

Have u enabled USB in the BIOS? It may have come set up as disabled, if you got no USB kit with it.
This is probably why it won't start...??????

  ajb 14:29 16 Dec 2003

Belkin have been in touch - after a week! - returning hub to supplier - thanks for everything! (PS both Hub & Card are powered)

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