Magik ®© 16:03 28 Aug 2003

Hi all...if something is made and has on it USB2 will it work with USBI, the thing in question is the Maxtor external HDD 200gb,

the other thing is it has a fire wire lead, could someone explain in easy terms what it is, my laptop had a socket with 1394 written on it, is that the firewire thingy?


  sil_ver 16:35 28 Aug 2003

USB2 will work with USB1 but only at USB1 speed and yes IEEE 1394 is Firewire which is faster.

  Magik ®© 16:39 28 Aug 2003

Thanks for that........nice one...

  The Sack 18:34 28 Aug 2003

USB2 is 80Mbits per second faster than Firewire :-)

  sil_ver 21:20 28 Aug 2003

I meant Firewire is faster than USB1

  temp003 04:02 29 Aug 2003

If it's between firewire and usb1, then definitely opt for firewire.

If it's between firewire and usb2, then it varies from device to device. But quite often, despite the theoretical higher transfer rate, usb2 can be slower than firewire. Apparently it's because usb2 has higher overheads, whatever that means.

Be careful with what firewire cable you buy. Laptops usually has a 4 pin firewire port. Check. If your external hdd has a 6 pin firewire connection, then you should get a 4 pin to 6 pin cable to connect the two.

Also, a laptop firewire 4-pin port cannot supply power to the external device. So your external hdd will need independent power supply. Check the voltage requirements for the external hdd and whether it comes with a transformer. If it doesn't, you'll need to buy one which can supply the right voltage to the hdd when you connect it to the laptop using firewire.

  temp003 04:12 29 Aug 2003

Just checked the Maxtor site, if it's the Personal Storage DV5000 200GB model you're buying, it comes with an AC power adapter, and a 6 pin to 6 pin firewire cable. So you may need to buy a 4 to 6 pin firewire cable if your laptop has a 4 pin port.

  Magik ®© 08:27 29 Aug 2003

thanks for that, just had a look at the socket on the laptop and sure enough, it has 4 pins, or should i say, a socket with 4 holes..

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