usb2 drivers on win 98

  broggs 14:42 26 Apr 2003

A friend as asked me to post this as he cannot get on the net because his dsl modem or any usb devices will not work.
Somebody loaded win 98 back onto his pc(his previous was xp but he did not like it).
Apparently the person loaded the usb2 drivers on as well saying that you will need these as they are the most upto date drivers.My friend took his pc home and nothing works on usb at all.
how does he find and delete the usb2 drivers and will the original usb drivers still be there.

  Djohn 16:06 26 Apr 2003

Win 98 will support USB2 but not from the connectors on the back of the PC.

You will need a USB2 PCI card that slots into the rear, then the drivers that are part of win98 will automatically recognise it. You can buy the cards 2 or 4 port from about £20 up-wards. J.

  woodchip 16:16 26 Apr 2003

As Djohn say's above, if you get a USB 2 PCI card there should be drivers with the card as Win98 does not support USB 2 without these extra drivers. XP does suppot USB 2

  broggs 16:23 26 Apr 2003

thanks for your response but my friend wants to use the two sockets on the back of the pc.They were working before his friend messed with his pc.Do you think the drivers for these two sockets are missing or are the usb2 drivers conflicting with them.

  Djohn 16:55 26 Apr 2003

The two on the back of the PC are USB1.1 and they will work as such, the drivers for these are, (to the best of my knowledge) on the 98 CD. and install as part of the windows setup. J.

  Totally-braindead 17:02 26 Apr 2003

Don't know the answer to this but USB2 is meant to be backwards compatible with USB1 so I think they should still work, however whether thats right or not it doesn't solve your problem, try running system file checker from system tools and see if that comes up with any altered files that you can reinstall. Might not cure it but its worth a try.

  woodchip 17:04 26 Apr 2003

To use the sockets you will have to restore XP

  woodchip 17:08 26 Apr 2003

PS the USB on the motherboard are USB 2 these a connected different to USB 1.1 and need specific drivers to enable Win98 drivers are no good for these, there may be some on the Motherboard CD if you have one

  broggs 17:14 26 Apr 2003

He also had winme. on it before he installed xp.
the sockets worked with me but who wants me on their pc.
Thanks everyone.

  broggs 17:38 26 Apr 2003

problem solved...
He has took it back to the shop and they are doing it as I type.

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